KC-30 performing well for Australia; Boeing C17, Lockheed C130, Alenia C27J

The Airbus KC-30 is performing well, according to this article. Here is a PDF of the report referenced in the article: Airbus Tanker Proves Its Worth The same writer prepared this piece on transport aircraft, including the Boeing… Read More

Australian magazine profile on KC-30A delays

Update, Feb. 15: at the request of the magazine, we have delinked the article. Here is a synopsis; the magazine reports: The delay is now 27 months, with deliveries hoped for in March; Writing comprehensive technical manuals for… Read More

KC-30A for RAAF involved in in-flight incident, refueling boom lost

Australian Aviation has this story about an in-flight incident during a refueling test between the Airbus KC-30A and an F-16. Readers will recall a Boeing KC-767J for Japan Air Defense Services had an incident in which the boom… Read More