SPEEA: We’ll organize Charleston engineers

If Boeing decides to put the second 787 line in Charleston, isolating this work from SPEEA engineers in Puget Sound, SPEEA told this column it will immediately begin an organizing effort of engineers hired in or transferred to… Read More

Boeing reorganizes Wichita ahead of strike vote

Boeing internally announced a reorganization of its Wichita Integrated Defense System ahead of a strike vote by the engineers union, SPEEA, that has an April 2 strike date. Renewed contract negotiations collapsed earlier this week without an agreement…. Read More

SPEEA to Wichita: Reject contract

SPEEA, the Boeing engineer’s union, today urged its members at Boeing Wichita/IDS to reject Boeing’s last contract. In this market, observers probably think SPEEA is looney, but SPEEA believes Boeing is gearing up to sell the plant and… Read More

SPEEA begins work-to-rules on 747-8

SPEEA, the Boeing engineers union, has begun a work-to-rules effort in Wichita (KS) on the 747-8 program intended to put pressure on the company as contract talks continue, we’ve learned. SPEEA also passed out 2,000 fliers at the… Read More

SPEEA vote today

Update, 10:30 PM PST: It’s official: 79% of the engineers and 69% of the technicians voted for the contract. Update, 9:00 PM PST: Unofficial returns: it appears that both contracts passed. It may be another 30-60 minutes before… Read More

SPEEA strike authorization vote set

Negotiations between Boeing and SPEEA appear to have taken a discouraging turn. SPEEA scheduled a strike authorization vote by the Council (SPEEA’s parliament) to authorize a strike vote by the membership. The strike vote of the general membership… Read More

SPEEA negotiations update

Update, November 11: We’re cautiously optimistic a settlement will be reached without a strike. Original Post: A strike authorization vote by SPEEA members is scheduled for tomorrow in the contract negotiations with Boeing, but it’s likely to be… Read More

Were they at the same meetings?

Boeing and SPEEA have two very different views of the progress of the bargaining to date and contract offer that was presented by Boeing to the engineers’ union Thursday. The SPEEA contract expires December 1. Many of the… Read More

Vote ‘Yes’ on IAM contract; SPEEA talks begin

The IAM union at Boeing votes Saturday (Nov. 1) on the revised contract offer presented by Boeing. It’s time to vote ‘yes,’ and get the union members back to work, production lines going again and Boeing customers their… Read More

Airbus unshaken: WSJ

Update, October 15: Bloomberg reports that Airbus is scaling back plans to increase production of the A320 and A330 lines. Here is the story. This prompts us to highlight an item in The Wall Street Journal piece below:… Read More