After-thoughts of Qantas 787 cancellation, SPEEA and Boeing

A day after it became public Qantas Airways canceled 35 Boeing 787-9s, it might be worthwhile giving a thought or two. The Wall Street Journal has a good story (unfortunately, paid-subscription, though it may show up via Google… Read More

Boeing and SPEEA: the debate heats up

Boeing’s engineers’ union, SPEEA, has been pretty vocal in its campaign to members with internal statements, its website and on Twitter–the latter certainly read by media. Boeing now has launched a public website of its own.

SPEEA, Boeing contract: Don’t expect an “IAM breakthrough”

SPEEA, the engineers union at Boeing, and the company appear to be at odds in the early stages of contract negotiations and there appears virtually no chance of a surprise breakthrough similar to the IAM 751-Boeing contract last… Read More

Observations on labor, Boeing

As we prepare to head off to the Paris Air Show, there have been a couple of important developments on the labor front with Boeing. First, what we consider to be good news. SPEEA, the engineers union representing… Read More

“Earning” the right to build airplanes at Boeing

The Boeing Co. seems to be at never-ending crossroads. The development of the 787 was to be a game-changer with an entry-into-service planned for May 2008. If this had happened on time, this innovative airplane would have set… Read More

Labor at Boeing and Airbus

The Everett Herald has a series of stories today about labor relations at Boeing and Airbus. The links are below. Note: The Herald’s website is one of the clunkiest in CyberUniverse, so don’t be surprised if it is… Read More

Wake up notice to IAM, SPEEA and WA State

The news that Boeing is leaning toward proceeding with a new airplane instead of a re-engined 737 serves as yet another wake-up call for Boeing’s labor unions and Washington State officials to get their act together. As we… Read More

IAM threatens Boeing strike in 2012

Bloomberg has this long story looking at the 787 development since last June, when Boeing officials then predicted the airplane would make its first flight by June 30. Only two days later, Boeing announced another delay for the… Read More

Outside the box

We spoke last week at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) annual conference in Lynnwood (WA) in which we made two proposals that were immediately labeled as radical–though we don’t think they are. One involved Boeing and the… Read More

787 Line 2 aftermath

Update, Oct. 30: We’ll be posting our post mortem Monday, Nov. 2. This isn’t the post mortem we’re working on but there is a lot of traffic to this site today, obviously looking for some thoughts, so here… Read More