Odds and Ends: To fly or not to fly–CSeries; Qatar’s A350s; A320 production rates

CSeries: Bombardier’s sales chief says the CSeries might fly earlier than the six month delay announced on the earnings call. See this Reuters report from China’s Zhuhai Air Show.

Qatar’s A350: Flight Global’s David Kaminski-Morrow reports Qatar switched 20 A350-800s to the larger -900, via Twitter. He was on the delivery flight of the Boeing 787 from Seattle to Doha.

A320 Production Rates: Airbus gives this assessment to Reuters at the Zhuhai Air Show.

A350-What’s the Fuss? CNN International gives this review of the A350.

CNN Travel: We’ve now started contributing to CNN Travel. Here’s our first report, the Qatar Airways Boeing 787 delivery. This writing is different than what we do here–lighter, and being travel-oriented, will trend more toward consumer and general audiences than the aviation geek world served here.