Odds and Ends: Tanker-like redux; Ryanair’s 200 737s; new use for Winglet

Tanker-like Redux: As you read this story, it sounds a lot like Boeing vs EADS, right down to the build-it-in-the-USA element.

Ryanair’s 200 737s: News emerged that Ryanair will firm up an order soon for 200 Boeing 737s. This has been hanging “out there” for some time. We learned of this likelihood a couple of months ago. It was all hush-hush while Ryanair took another run at Aer Lingus.

Pan Am landmark: For those filled with nostalgia, this news is sad: the famed Pan Am Worldport faces the wrecking ball.

New Winglet use: This is pretty cool. Via Steve Trimble of Flight Global.

13 comments on “Odds and Ends: Tanker-like redux; Ryanair’s 200 737s; new use for Winglet

  1. IMO the Pan Am Worldport should be restored to its original design. It seems the many radical modifications of the last 40 slowly destroyed its seventies beauty.

      • It makes no sense to save the TWA Flight Center at JFK, and not save the PanAm Worldport. Both PanAm and TWA are icons in US Airline history, and both at one time were the premier airlines of the world standing alone side of the other (surviving) world icons like BA, LH, and AF.

      • Funnily enough, there’s a currently bit more legroom on Ryanair than on rivals Easyjet who use the A320 family. I know: I am tall and every half inch counts. And that’s not using the slimline seat, as proposed for the high density CS300. Add a row and remove a toilet and you would get to 198 seats. Boeing would need to offer a 900ER exit arrangement to certify the plane, which was part of the discussions with Ryanair.

  2. Maybe Boeing will lighten up the 900 for them e.g. non ER with the extra door.. its not that much bigger then an -800 (just 2.5 meters).

    • kc135topboom :
      Is it possible FR is ordering the B-737-8MAX? The order costs about $18B or around E14B, which is the list price of the B-737-800NG with no discount (list $89.1M in 2012 each). This would be about an 15% discount off the list price of the B-737-8MAX (list $100.5M in 2012each).

      When placing an order for 200 planes, I’m pretty sure no airline would accept a 15% discount off list prices, much less FR.
      In any case, all reports so far clearly state that it’s going to be NG, not MAX; the $18B figure quoted widely is the list-price figure. The actual price paid is much, much lower – the Seattle Times reports around $9B, i.e. a discount of 50% off the list price.

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