Corporate Website updated 9/30

This week we discuss the dangers of technology transfers to China, Russia and Japan by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer in our bi-weekly update of our corporate website. By outsourcing work to these countries, aviation’s Big Four are… Read More

Failed bail-out bad news for aviation

The collapse of the $700 billion bailout of the US financial system is bad news for aviation. The capital markets were already driving up pricing on debt and driving out many lending institutions from the aviation market. Airbus… Read More

Week 4: IAM-Boeing strike

Update, October 2: Here’s a new twist. An Australian newspaper reports that Virgin Blue may seek damages from Boeing and the IAM over the strike-induced delays of the 777s the airline wants. We think Boeing’s customer contracts preclude… Read More

Politics continue on the tanker

(Special projects precluded us from updating last week, so some of the links below backtrack into then.) Politics continue to plague the tanker program even though the Bush Administration has punted the decision to the next presidency. Today… Read More

Week 3, IAM-Boeing strike

Boeing and the IAM entered the third week of the strike last Saturday and there is no sign of any progress. As of last week, the two sides weren’t even talking about talking. Update, September 24: Seattle Post-Intelligencer:… Read More

Boeing stock down in ILFC issues

As any aviation advocate knows, the future of International Lease Finance Corp. is uncertain due to the problems at its parent, AIG. The US government has bailed out AIG for $85 billion (which would fund the acquisition of… Read More

What now for the tanker?

In today’s column we discuss the tanker, how much the IAM strike is costing Boeing every day and how long the strike may last. Out of all the twists and turns in the seven year old effort to… Read More

Week 2, IAM-Boeing strike

As the Boeing strike enters Week 2, we continue our “media watch” for continuing coverage. September 14: Seattle Post-Intelligencer: BCA President Scott Carson hopes talks will resume in a “couple of weeks” and a settlement will come shortly… Read More

Boeing speaks to Morgan Stanley

The Boeing Chief Financial Officer spoke to the Morgan Stanley conference September 10. James Bell is the presenter. Highlights as the presentation proceeds: (Unless there are quotation marks indicating a direct quote, Bell’s comments are paraphrased as we… Read More

Tanker canceled (update 9/12)

Update, Sept. 12: Reuters: EADS threatens no-bid in Round 4. Here we go again. First Northrop threatened a no-bid. Then Boeing. Now EADS. Or not. Now Reuters reports that EADS denies the first story. Chicago Tribune: Obama slams… Read More