Bad news for Northrop?

With Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha (D-Foot-in-Mouth) suddenly in danger of defeat in Tuesday’s election after calling his constituents racist and rednecks, Norm Dicks (D-Boeing/Washington) is in line to succeed Murtha as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

This would be bad news for Northrop Grumman and its effort to sell the Airbus-based KC-30 to the USAF instead of Boeing’s KC-767. Regular readers need no reminder of the dynamics here.

Update, 10:15 PM EST, November 4: Northrop can breath easier; NBC News just declared Murtha was reelected.

2 Comments on “Bad news for Northrop?

  1. Hi Scott,

    small comfort though. Murtha has not exactly shown himself to be a big fan of the Airbus connection.
    Although I could never get through to the other links from the one website, from your comments, I gather that President Elect Obama himself is, at best, open to a split buy. At worse, he favours the Boeing bid.

    Unless I have misunderstood everything?


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