Will Boeing leave Washington State?

As readers know, there has been a lot of news in the past week about whether the business and labor climate in Washington state is such that Boeing will leave for the sunny South. Here is a poll–cast… Read More

New Boeing economic impact analysis issued

The Washington Research Council today (April 14) issued an eight page analysis entitled, “What if Boeing Left Washington?” The PDF file may be found here. The WRC is a local, Seattle-based conservative think tank that focuses on economic… Read More

UBS predicts 30%-40% 737 rates cuts

UBS Securities today (April 13) predicted Boeing will have to cut rates on the 737 line by 30%-40%, forecasting an announcement later this year. This is more agressive than the 30%-35% suggested in January by ILFC CEO Steven… Read More

Airbus details Watchtower Committee

We previously wrote a story for Commercial Aviation Online about Boeing Capital Corp.’s War Room methodology in tracking the “funding gap” for 2009 deliveries. We posted that story on this website at this link. We followed that CAO… Read More

Boeing cuts production

Boeing just announced it is cutting production of the 777 from seven to five a month and delaying plans to increase rates on the 767 and 747, effective next year, it was announced today. No rate adjustment is… Read More

Washington State lags competitively

Update, 3:25 PM: Gov. Gregoire announced the new aerospace council, as reported by the mainstream media, and she also announced a plan to increase aerospace training. But her plan calls for coordinating community college aerospace training programs and… Read More

GE Boss seeks tanker compromise

The head of GE backs a plan to split the acquisition of the KC-X USAF aerial tanker between Northrop Grumman and Boeing, according to this interview done by the Cincinnati Enquirer. GE Aviation will supply the engines on… Read More

Airbus predicts 480 deliveries in 2010

Airbus’ COO-Customers, John Leahy, predicts 480 deliveries in 2010, about the same number as this year, according to this Aviation Week article by Robert Wall.

Boeing takes hard hit on DOD budget

Boeing took a hard hit on the Defense budget announced today by Sec. Robert Gates. The C-17 program will be canceled after the current contract is filled. The CSAR-X helicopter procurement is canceled. The Airborne Laser system based… Read More

Boeing Capital details methodology

Following the annual ISTAT meeting in March, we published a piece about the Boeing view of the so-called funding gap for 2009: the financing shortfall seen by just about everyone except Boeing and Airbus as between $10bn and… Read More