Pricing the KC-X: $163m estimate for Boeing, $169m for EADS

One of our readers, with the screen name OV-099, provided a comment on our Dewey Defeats Truman post calculating the possible prices on the KC-45 and the KC-767. OV-099 has been a long-time poster and when the occasion… Read More

Odds and Ends: Airbus working with NASA, tanker-take and other things

Our Odds and Ends this week: Airbus parent EADS has posted a job listing for an intern for one year to study open-rotor technology for a success to the A320. Airbus is working with GE and RR engines… Read More

“Dewey defeats Truman” perfect prediction in KC-X tanker contest

Note: here is the link to the tanker transcript. Podcast: Richard Aboulafia talks to Addison Schonland. Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group said it best: the upset Boeing win over EADS in the KC-X tanker contest is the… Read More

Don’t protest, EADS: it’s time to move on

In a previous post, we opined that whoever lost the KC-X contract should accept the decision and let the Air Force move forward with the award without a protest. We reiterate this view now. Throughout the competition, EADS… Read More

X-Day, Part 2: and the Winner is: Boeing

Boeing has been awarded the contract for 179 KC-X tankers. What are the ramifications? Is this contest over? As we noted in a previous post, not necessarily. A protest can follow. EADS has said it won’t unless it… Read More

X-Day: The winner of the tanker contest announcement at 5:10pm EST

Update, 0930 PST: DOD has confirmed, the award will be announced at 5:10 PM EST and broadcast on The Pentagon Channel. Original Post: The Pentagon Channel will provide coverage, if the past is followed today. The time is… Read More

Tanker decision expected Thursday, Feb. 24, 5pm EST

It now appears the USAF will announce the tanker contract Thursday, Feb. 24, at 5pm EST. Expectations are that EADS will be awarded the contract, but there have been so many twists and turns that we’re not predicting… Read More

Recapping the KC-X contest

With the expectation that the USAF is going to announce its tanker award this week, we’re going to forego our Odds and Ends kick-off and deal with the tanker. We’re going to try and synopsize many of the… Read More

Countdown to KC-X award

As Washington (DC) buzzes with the prospect that the Department of Defense will, at long last, announce its award for the KC-X contract before the end of this month, EADS held a press briefing February 16 to lay… Read More

Top DOD buyer signals globalization is reality; tanker contract might come Feb. 25

Two top Defense Department officials today (Feb. 16) told a conference sponsored  by Aviation Week magazine that the contract award for the KC-X could be made by the end of the month. The buzz in Washington is that… Read More