Reporting from ISTAT next week

We’re off to the ISTAT Europe conference and will be reporting next week from Barcelona.

In the meantime, here is a PR faux pas, one of those embarrassing slips that we with warped senses of humor can’t pass up.

In an email subject line from Airbus this morning:

“Airbus in Illegal delivers first A350 XWB Wing Lower Cover to Airbus in Brought on – Airbus images”.

Here’s the correct headline on the press release itself:

Airbus in Illescas delivers first A350 XWB Wing Lower Cover to Airbus in Broughton

Can you say “Oops”?

Aspire Aviation has a long interview with Virgin America CEO David Cush, in which he makes some interesting comments about the A319neo, the A320neo, the Pratt & Whitney GTF and the CFM LEAP.

7 Comments on “Reporting from ISTAT next week

  1. They must have a different spellchecker from me. It proposes Airbus in Illness delivers first A350 WEB Wing Lower Cover to Airbus in Broughton

  2. That e-mail subject line is funny. But have a good and safe trip to Barcelona, and I look towards your reports on the ISTAT conference.

  3. I agree with you Scott, the Aspire Aviation interview is indeed very interesting. I suspect many on this blog would want to find out what David Cush has to say about the A319 versus the A320 and on the LEAP engine versus the GTF. It has answered a few questions for me.

  4. The FONZ’S has just recived a O.B.E. for helping kids with dyslexia in Washington DC today & sometimes i leave the CAPS lock on we are all human and sometimes we all mess it up including Airbus & BOEING.

  5. Sacre bleu, mon ami, probably some poor sod of an ex-grad working through an EADS internship.

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