Is Boeing Chicago misreading the SPEEA mood–as it did IAM 751 in 2008?

There have been many articles this week detailing the increasingly contentious, evolving situation in the contract negotiations between Boeing and the engineers union, SPEEA. We’ve previously written that this wasn’t going to be a love-fest. And it isn’t…. Read More

737-900ER sales pass 500; silk purse out of sow’s ear

Here is a story we did way back in May 2011. Here is Boeing’s press release today.  

Odds and Ends: Airbus takes a look at the future; Air India gets 787 Saturday; John Leahy

Looking at the future: Airbus takes a look at the future in this company-issued document. Airbus discusses the environment, Air Traffic Management and more. This link has more information about how Airbus looks at the future. Air India:… Read More

Hypocrisy and Aerospace Industries Assoc.

On Twitter: ReutersAerospaceNews ‏@ReutersAero Alabama move won’t open door to Airbus in US lobby group: We dont want foreign govts to use AIA to lobby ours, CEO Blakey tells #ReutersA&D This is hypocrisy. The UK’s BAE System is… Read More

Odds and Ends: China’s Wings; B-17; Airbus Market Forecast

We just finished a book about China National Aviation Corp. (CNAC). It’s a long book, 498 pages. it’s meticulously footnoted. The Bibliography is 100 of the 498 pages. We found the book a bit tedious for all the… Read More