State GOP wants Inslee to fail in aerospace, say Democratic leader

Washington State Sen. Mike Hewitt, a Republican from Walla Walla, took another shot at Gov. Jay Inslee and Inslee’s efforts to build the Boeing 777X wings here in Everett, where Boeing’s wide-body factory is located. Here is Hewitt’s full statement.

It’s the second high-profile shot Hewitt has taken.

But while Hewitt trashes Inslee, he was part of the Republican budget process that proposed eliminating funding for the Governor’s Office for Aerospace.


So what’s going on? Politics, a Democratic leader of the State House told us, when we ran into him at a restaurant recently.

“The Republicans want Inslee to fail,” the Legislator told us. So the Republican budget eliminated funding for the Aerospace Office, as well as the liaison between Olympia, WA, (the state capital) and The Other Washington (DC) on military matters, including Spokane’s Fairchild Air Force Base.

This is the second time we heard the state GOP was simply playing politics with Inslee. When the Republican budget was unveiled this spring, eliminating the Aerospace Office, one Legislator told us then, “They (the Republicans) are just messing with Inslee.”

When Hewitt took his first shot at Inslee, we responded with this post , sent a copy to Hewitt but did not receive a response from him.

Senator, It’s easy to complain-how about rolling up the sleeves and getting to work? Your statement yesterday is more of the same rhetoric, but I’ve not seen any proposals on your letterhead.

As I previously wrote, broadly, I agree with Hewitt. The records of Locke and Gregoire bordered on embarrassing for their benign neglect until Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago, put the 7E7 (later named the 787) assembly site up for bid, selected North Charleston (SC) for the second 787 assembly line, threatened to put the 737 MAX elsewhere and now putting the 777X and 787-10 assembly sites up to the highest bidder.

And, as Sen. Hewitt notes, thousands of jobs are being moved by Boeing to other states. These are union jobs that are going to other, non-union states.

Hewitt says Gov. Inslee’s response to these job losses is inadequate. He’s right. More needs to be done, and we’ve written about this, too.

But where are Hewitt’s proposals? How about working together in a bi-partisan way for the good of Washington aerospace?

Or, Senator, is the good for the State and its citizens a back seat to partisan politics?

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  1. “How about working together in a bi-partisan way for the good of Washington aerospace?”

    How about working together in a bi-partisan way for the good of the United States of America? 😉

      • What I meant is that the US government is dysfunctional as it is right now. The two parties are not working together for the greater good of the nation as they should. Few compromises are made on either side and the country is stalled. In short, I projected the Washington State problems onto Washington, D.C.

  2. A pox on both sides of both state and federal. Representing the public and the grunts is quite low on any congresscritters priority list. The three most important things are
    1) Get reelected

    2 and 3 see number 1)

  3. Another way of saying “Get Re-elected”, is…..
    “It’s all about ME!”!!
    This is what the new American ruling class is all about… ME!

  4. Qatar grounds a 787 last sunday after smoke was seen c oming from the rear underfloor at the rear of the fuselage just before take off and returned the gate with little damage to the electric box??? see Plane Taking for full report.

    • It seems the “Lorado” panel is seriously damaged (burned). The QR 787 flight was cancelled just before take-off. Boeing, QR had a strong interst to keep everything low profile. Mike Sinnet has been moved from the 787 program. He was in charge of the electrical system from the start. Everybody is holding his breath.

      • Keesje – the panel ” nickname” is LAREDO- named after the airport used during flight test when that particular panel near front of cargo bay caught fire. However, IFIR there may be second panel near aft of cargo bay which seems to be the one with a problem. There seems to be much confusion as forward and aft electrical panels.
        The ” laredo” panel IS near the trailing edge of the wing – see photo in link

        Plz watch the blinking lights until some more info comes out

  5. With regard to the Qatar 787 incident, as far as I’ve read, only smoke was detected. For all any of us knows, the smoke could have been more of a smell than actual smoke, much like the ANA main battery incident. For all of their trying, the press has not been able to find any response by the firefighting authority on the ground. A serious “Laredo like” fire would have triggered a response.

    There’s no conspiracy here. The news of whatever happened will get out, if the incident was indeed as serious as some claim. Remember, not long ago the electrical system was being blamed for the Ethiopian 787 fire. That turned out to be false. I’ll wait for some more detailed info before I connect this particular dot.

  6. No surprise from the Republicans here! It seems the party is more in favor of catering to the right-wing, angry, nutjobs that seem to have overtaken the historically business-centric, but still debate-friendly, Republicans of yesteryear.

    Meanwhile South Carolina is laughing its way to the bank with increased tax revenues from the workers who spend money on local businesses.

  7. Plz watch the blinking lights until some more info comes out

    Don, of course you are right. Wait until everything is sorted out and official reports become officially available. Issue is this can also be a communication strategy.

    Say nothing, hope attention decreases, dismiss anything because its not official. And when it becomes official, say its old news, new developments have made it irrelevant.

    Remember this one, early this year ?
    “The US Federal Aviation Administration is launching a comprehensive review of the critical systems of Boeing’s 787, the aircraft maker’s newest and most technologically advanced plane, after a fire and a fuel leak earlier this week, the agency said on Friday. … The review will include the design, manufacture and assembly of those systems, the FAA said in a statement.”

    Any updates? Or was it just putting down the (press)fire, buying time, keep the aircraft rolling off the line? Probably a piece of paper released in 2014, nobody reads it.

    In recent times the Japanese and British authorities took the lead. How large is the (budget) pressure building on the FAA and NTSB to support US industry and jobs? Who’s determining their budgets?

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