Boeing slammed for moving jobs to Southern California, WA state for naivete

Boeing took two hits over the weekend from Seattle Times columnists for the announcement that 1,000 engineering jobs will move from the Puget Sound area to Southern California. Columnist Danny Westneat interviewed a “lonely, ignored voice” who predicted… Read More

Key leaders hit back at Boeing “exodus” assertions; CSeries competition for the Big Two; A380 uses; Boeing hikes prices

Boeing’s WA ‘exodus’: Three key leaders in Washington State responded to the drumbeat from State. Sen. Mike Hewitt (R-Walla Walla) that Boeing is in an “exodus” from Washington. Read the article here. We agree that the use of… Read More

State GOP wants Inslee to fail in aerospace, say Democratic leader

Washington State Sen. Mike Hewitt, a Republican from Walla Walla, took another shot at Gov. Jay Inslee and Inslee’s efforts to build the Boeing 777X wings here in Everett, where Boeing’s wide-body factory is located. Here is Hewitt’s… Read More

Boeing’s “exodus” from Washington State a tad overblown–so far

Boeing has been eliminating thousands of jobs–union jobs–in Washington State and moving them to other states–non-union states. Boeing won’t say where it will assemble the 777X. Nor will it say where it will assemble the 787-10. So, predictably,… Read More