Embraer CEO interview: oil prices, Brazil’s economy, China

Paulo Cesar, president and CEO of Embraer's commercial aviation unit. Photo via Google images.

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Part 3

Sept. 14, 2015, © Leeham Co. It’s only been three months since the Paris Air Show and there have been some significant developments in the world that have impact on commercial aviation:

  • Oil prices dropped from about $62/bbl to a low of $38 in mid-August and it’s climbed back to about $46 this week;
  • China devalued the Yuan;
  • The Brazilian economy has deteriorated and so has the domestic political situation; and
  • Some LCC airlines in Asia are feeling the strain of growth and weakening currencies.

We talked with Paulo Cesar, president and CEO of Embraer at the Paris Air Show on some of these topics. We caught up with him Sept. 2 in Seattle, revisiting these topics and talking about more.

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