CSeries out of London City Airport

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By Bjorn Fehrm

November 07, 2016, ©. Leeham Co: When we visited Bombardier (BBD) in Montreal recently, we learned new information about how the CSeries would operate from London City Airport. This unique airport served 4.3m passengers last year and have expansion plans for more passengers up to 2030.

Bombardier’s first CSeries operator, SWISS Airlines, configured all its CS100 aircraft to operate from London City. This requires special engine selections and certification of aircraft and crews. The certification of the aircraft, CS100 is ongoing and will be finished at the turn of the year.


Figure 1. London City Airport, housed in the docklands of London's east end. Source: Wikipedia.

We take a look at what is required for London City and how far the CS100, appropriately configured, can serve destinations from this special airport. We will use a combination of Bombardier data and our own performance model to reach the conclusions.


  • London City Airport put special requirements on the aircraft serving it.
  • The CSeries will be one of the most potent types allowed at London City.
  • We use BBD data and our performance model to understand at what range destinations can be served.

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