Enhancing the Dreamliner, Part 6: The 787-10 analyzed

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By Bjorn Fehrm


November 12, 2020, © Leeham News: We look deeper at the 787-10, the stretched Dreamliner. The 787-10 was conceived as a "cut and stretch" of the 787-9, leaving as many parts untouched as possible. It carries 40 more passengers, but over a shorter distance.

It's a high capacity complement to the other Dreamliners for airlines that needed more seats and could sacrifice about 1,500nm in payload-range performance. To check how well this works, we run the 787-10 against 787-9 on the San Francisco to Sydney route from last week and look at the data.

  • The 787-10, as a "cut and stretch" development from the 787-9 comes with compromises on long routes.
  • Our San Francisco to Sydney example shows these limitations in practice, even with the rumored Gross Weight stretch of the latest sales to Air New Zealand.
  • The 787-10 comes into its own on shorter routes. We look at this next week.

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