The world of diminishing returns: challenges Boeing faces

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Feb. 8, 2021, © Leeham News: Boeing faces a dilemma of Solomonic proportion. Which direction should it extend its product offerings? With the suspension a year ago of the New Midmarket Airplane (NMA) project by incoming CEO David Calhoun, Boeing’s future airplane strategy was upended. Some Internet pundits said Boeing needed a clean-sheet replacement for the 737. Others said it needs to be a 757/NMA sized vehicle. Last week, Aviation Week reported Boeing appears to now be headed in the direction of a three-member “NMA Lite” family. LNA outlined this approach last June. Feb. 3’s LNA post has more detail. While Boeing faces near-term decisions, the challenges go well beyond launching a new airplane and the new engines required to power it.
  • Advances of diminishing returns.
  • Staying within the ICAO box.
  • Taking the fight to the ground.

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