Single aisle or Widebody over the Atlantic at low load factors, Part 3?

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By Bjorn Fehrm


November 11, 2021, © Leeham News: Last week, we compared the economics of an Airbus A321XLR and A330-200 on our thin route over the Atlantic. The XLR improves the capabilities of the A321 quite a bit, not only on range but also on load-carrying ability.

The more efficient use of the space below the floor leaves room for cargo once the passenger bags are loaded. The margin race between the A321XLR and the A330-200 depended on the cargo pricing in the end. Now we finish the series with a more challenging setup for the twin-aisle.

We assume we use an A330-900, a nominal 300 seater on the Dublin to Newark route with only 130 passengers per departure. The load factor is then at 43%. Can the twin-aisle still earn the margin of an A321XLR on this route by virtue of its cargo capacity?

  • The margin generation of the A321XLR versus the A330-200 was close. It boiled down to cargo pricing.
  • The A330-900 adds costs but also more cargo room. Will it cover the extra costs?

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