Triumph Group disappoints, cites decreased aircraft production

July 29, 2015: Triumph Group reported lower FY1Q2016 earnings below analyst expectations, citing in part decreased production of the commercial Airbus A330 program as well as lower production of the Gulfstream G450/550 and Boeing C-17 and 747-8 airplanes. It’s previously taken large write-offs of the Boeing 747-8 program on its poor sales.

Triumph said in its press release:

The Aerostructures segment reported net sales of $611.8 million in the first quarter of fiscal year 2016 compared to $612.2 million in the prior fiscal year period. Organic sales for the quarter declined fourteen percent primarily due to decreased production on the C-17, 747-8, A330 and G450/G550 programs. Operating income for the first quarter of fiscal year 2016 was $66.0 million, compared to operating income of $68.8 million for the prior year period and included $1.9 million of pre-tax costs related to initial facility consolidation actions. The segment’s operating results for the quarter included a net favorable cumulative catch-up adjustment on long-term contracts of $1.3 million. The segment’s operating margin for the quarter was eleven percent. Excluding the 747-8 program, the segment’s operating margin for the quarter was thirteen percent.

Triumph’s Top 10 programs are mostly Airbus and Boeing commercial airplanes. Boeing makes up more than 10% of Triumph’s 1Q revenue. The earnings call presentation is here. Slide 15 outlines the Top 10 programs.

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