BAE Systems is growth opportunity for EADS

Update, Sept. 13: Here are some stories from today: Bloomberg: EADS move seen by Boeing as growth; Revives decade-old plan; and this update about the rankings: BAE is the ninth biggest vendor to the U.S. government, with $7.3… Read More

Hypocrisy and Aerospace Industries Assoc.

On Twitter: ReutersAerospaceNews ‏@ReutersAero Alabama move won’t open door to Airbus in US lobby group: We dont want foreign govts to use AIA to lobby ours, CEO Blakey tells #ReutersA&D This is hypocrisy. The UK’s BAE System is… Read More

Minimal job loss over KC-767 tanker

A survey released today (March 22) released by the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Association of 55 companies in the Puget Sound area (Seattle) finds that the loss of the KC-767 contract to Boeing results in the loss of fewer… Read More