EADS reveals its analysis of tanker fuel use; says KC-45 is more efficient than KC-767

EADS reveals its study–countering two Boeing-commissioned reports–about fuel usage of the KC-45 vs the KC-767; EADS says it delivers more bang for the buck than Boeing; Flight Global has a good story detailing some of Boeing’s KC-767’s technical… Read More

KC-767 cost advantage over KC-45

Boeing has released the results of a study it commissioned on the life-cycle cost advantage of the KC-767 vs. the KC-45, this time using a firm we’ve actually heard of and greatly respect: AeroStrategy. AeroStrategy analyzed 10 scenarios,… Read More

Tanker award to slip to 2011?

Update, Aug. 6: Here is a Pentagon spokesman reacting to the US Aerospace protest over being rejected for its KC-X bid because it missed the filing deadline by five minutes, as reported by The Dayton Business Journal: In… Read More

Boeing offers KC-767 to USAF

It’s now official: Boeing submitted a bid for the KC-X competition, offering the KC-767 NewGen tanker. Boeing did not schedule a press conference, so the initial press release detailing its bid is below the jump, with our reporting… Read More

Will WTO vote really matter?

Update, 0815 AM PDT: Boeing just responded to email questions posed last week, mainly dealing with WTO issues but also with the airplane. Here is the exchange. Q. How can Boeing and its supporters be pursuing legislation in… Read More

So’s your old man

More mirthful back-and-forth between Boeing and EADS. Boeing today fired off a rebuttal ad to the EADS “Get Real” ad published right after it got back into the KC-X tanker competition. Boeing also posted this message on its… Read More

Hoisted on own petard?

Update, May 19: With all the references in Comments about the GAO ruling, we are linking the 150+ page report here, courtesy of Sgt. Mac: GAO KC-X 2008 Protest Update, May 17, 4:30PM PDT: Reuters has this story… Read More

Why aren’t they talking about the airplane?

In the previous post, we talk about the WTO issue being pursued by Boeing and its supporters. In this post we ask, “Why aren’t they talking about their airplane?” This is about the strangest marketing campaign we’ve ever… Read More

KC-X’s latest twist: Contract after the election

Update, May 5: The Pentagon denied the Defense News story. Here’s Defense News’ own report. Original Post: In a move that probably surprises no one, the Defense Department says it will issue the contract for the KC-X on… Read More

Tit for tat on KC-X

Stephen Trimble of Flight Global has EADS’ opening shot on talking point in Congress. It is brutally frank and takes off the gloves often kept on by Northrop Grumman in the KC-X competition. We’ve seen–but do not yet… Read More