Odds and Ends: Airbus and Boeing BBJs; Oops by Sen. Cantwell; positive SPEEA talks

MAX BBJs: Boeing is offering 737-8/9 MAX BBJs but not, as yet, a 7 MAX BBJ. Boeing says it is still studying a 7 MAX BBJ. there have so far been no orders for the 7 MAX. Airbus… Read More

Odds and Ends: 787 production up to 15/mo

It’s the best-selling airliner in decades before launch, but the it became an embarrassment of riches for Boeing once the delays for the 787 kicked in. Customers face delays of more than three years for delivery and Boeing… Read More

Stevens long-time friend to Boeing

Ted Stevens, the irascible former Senator from Alaska, died Monday in a small plane crash in the state while en route to a fishing trip some 300 miles southwest of Anchorage. Stevens, though from Alaska, was a long-time… Read More