Bad news for Northrop?

With Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha (D-Foot-in-Mouth) suddenly in danger of defeat in Tuesday’s election after calling his constituents racist and rednecks, Norm Dicks (D-Boeing/Washington) is in line to succeed Murtha as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. This… Read More

Back to the Tanker: Price Competition

A new strategy for the competition to award an Air Force contract for the aerial tanker might be a compromise for the next president, according to this article. A sidebar to the home page has the following item,… Read More

Obama considers dual tanker buy

The US Air Force AIM online newsletter reported October 24 that presidential candidate Barack Obama is considering a dual tanker purchase. The article is here. The same publication has another story quoting a retired general as saying delaying… Read More

Politics continue on the tanker

(Special projects precluded us from updating last week, so some of the links below backtrack into then.) Politics continue to plague the tanker program even though the Bush Administration has punted the decision to the next presidency. Today… Read More

What now for the tanker?

In today’s column we discuss the tanker, how much the IAM strike is costing Boeing every day and how long the strike may last. Out of all the twists and turns in the seven year old effort to… Read More

Tanker canceled (update 9/12)

Update, Sept. 12: Reuters: EADS threatens no-bid in Round 4. Here we go again. First Northrop threatened a no-bid. Then Boeing. Now EADS. Or not. Now Reuters reports that EADS denies the first story. Chicago Tribune: Obama slams… Read More

Tanker update, 9/3

DOD Buzz has this interesting report on the prospect of a split buy for the tanker competition. AFP, the European news agency, reports DOD/USAF officials are worried another tanker protest will be filed, no matter who wins Round… Read More

Back to the tanker

A few interesting stories today on the USAF tanker saga: Business Week: Boeing’s tanker challenge. Reuters: US arms buyer faults Boeing. This story quotes a Jacques Gansler of the University of Maryland who now sits on the Defense… Read More

And now about Airbus

Boeing has dominated the news in recent weeks because of the tanker and the IAM contract negotiations. At long last, here’s some news about Airbus. The company is actively talking about stretching the A380-800 to a -900, 1,000… Read More

Predictable and disappointing

Northrop Grumman’s opposition to granting Boeing’s request for a six month response time instead of 45-60 days for the re-bid on the KC-X competition is predictable and disappointing. Boeing also threatened to no-bid the contract if it doesn’t… Read More