Mystery Photo #11

Mystery 11<—Mystery photo

Update, Feb. 10: Looks like we stumped you on the Mystery Photo above. (We’ll take our victories where we can.)


This is a Soviet K-7 bomber designed before WW II. Never went into production.


While you are trying to figure out the above, below is another graveyard video for you.

Not mystery photo, just entertainment, below.

And then there is this, via @airbusintheus (and no, this isn’t a mystery photo)


Airbus may drop lithium batteries from A350; BCA CEO appeals to SPEEA members

Airbus may drop Lithium batteries: Bloomberg reports that Airbus may drop lithium ion batteries from the A350 in the wake of the problems encountered by Boeing. Reuters has this report.

A switch to standard batteries would delay the A350 program by a couple of months, reports Bloomberg–but another delay has been expected by customers anyway, who previously told us they believe the first delivery will be at the end of 2014 or early 2015 rather than the mid-2014 previously announced by Airbus.

Bombardier is using Nickel-Cadmium batteries for the CSeries.

Meantime, Boeing acknowledged the obvious: 787 deliveries will be delayed.

BCA CEO appeals to SPEEA: Ballots have gone out from SPEEA leaders to the membership recommending rejection of the Boeing contract offer and authorization for a strike. Boeing sent the following message to SPEEA members:

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