We’re off to the Paris Air Show

Today is Thursday and we are on our way to the Paris Air Show.

First up on the schedule is the EADS/Airbus media day on Saturday, with a briefing that is expected to unveil the changes we previously reported to the A350-1000. The briefing day is embargoed to 12:01 am Sunday, June 19 (Paris time), matching the Boeing air show briefing embargo.

We’ll be filing regular reports on this site.

Additionally, Addison Schonland, managing director of AirInsight and of Innovation Analysis Group, will be at the show. He’ll be posting on both sites.

8 Comments on “We’re off to the Paris Air Show

  1. So I guess this gives us the opportunity to “brief” you what we want to know. 😉 😉

    – Ask GE what they are going to bring up >90 k lbs for the 777 upgrade & A350
    – Ask Embraer if re-enging the E190 is a good idea regardless of a new 5 abreast.
    – When Comac plans too EIS the C929 and C939 stretches
    – What RR is going to do about the GP7000s slight sfc advantage
    – What directions Boeing is thinking about for a 777 upgrade, apart from engines
    – If Airbus is considering addition pay-load range for the A321 NEO
    – If Irkut thinks the current Superjet engine is ideal for the next 25 yrs, will there be other options
    – EADS ; what length does the A400M stretch concept have?
    – If Boeing is proposing USAF better engines for the KC46
    – The commercial Airbus/Boeing folks at the at their Green pavilions: If they wants to sell more aircraft OR reduce the pollution. Both is BS. Traffic is growing 5% per year, aircraft get cleaner 1% per year (20% per 20 yrs). 75% of passengers are tourist.

    • If you had come up with these sooner, Keesje, maybe we would have sent you instead of going ourselves. This is truly a PITA trip.

      • Well it’s as PITA as you make it. Paris has opportunities, have fun & keep us informed! Won’t be there this yr..

  2. All god questions, Keesje. But I doubt any of the OEMs will give straight and complete answers.

  3. Sorry, that should read all GOOD questions. I cannot afford to get God made at me.

  4. I hope you will have a good and productive PAS visit Scott.
    That show brings back many good memories about my “good old days!’
    I still feel strongly, that Boeing has no choice but to at least announce
    at the show, that they intend to formally launch an all new 737 replace-
    ment aircraft late this year or soon thereafter, because a re-engined 737,
    or staying with a “souped up” one, will NOT be realistic options for
    Boeing, because:
    1. The great number of orders already booked for the A320NEO,
    2. The predicted rapidly increasing fuel prices,
    3. Primarily, because by definition, the all new 737 replacement aircraft
    will be a much more efficient aircraft compared to the A320NEO and
    will thus provide Boeing with a big advantage for many years to come,
    and the only way for Boeing to maintain, if not increase it’s present
    market share, in this category of aircraft!

    I will be very much looking fwd to your reports Scott! Rudy

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