Mitsubishi Regional Jet, MRJ, compared with second generation regional jets, Part 2.

By Bjorn Fehrm

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04 Aug 2015, © Leeham Co.: Yesterday we started our deeper look at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s new MRJ90 and compared it with one of the aircraft that it aspires to replace, Bombardier’s (BBD) CRJ900. We outlined similarities and differences in architecture, dimensions, weights and payload capabilities.

We will now finish the analysis with a study of the fuel consumption performance of the two aircraft on a typical regional route network. Finally, we will discuss at what net price a MRJ90 would be motivated against the incumbent regional aircraft CRJ900 from BBD.


  • The MRJ’s more efficient engines and more modern wing gives it a lower fuel burn than CRJ900.
  • A lower fuel cost can be compensated with a lower purchase price. We check at what value the per seat mile operating cost of the aircraft would be the same.

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