Boeing slightly leads Airbus in YTD orders

Aug. 8, 2016, © Leeham Co.: Boeing continues to lead Airbus in the race for orders post-Farnborough Air Show (FIA), but there are key orders announced there that haven’t been booked on the two OEMs order books.

Boeing hasn’t booked most of the firm orders yet from Volga Dnepr/Air Bridge Cargo announced at the show for 747-8Fs. Airbus hasn’t booked the 100 announced orders for A320s from AirAsia. Boeing also announced some 737 MAX orders that need to be firmed up into contracts before booking to its website.

The AirBridge orders will be closely watched. Boeing said at Farnborough that the MOU for 20 747-8Fs announced at the Paris Air Show a year earlier were now a firm contract, over six years. But Boeing and AirBridge did not say how many were firm orders, other than to identify four aircraft that were previously delivered under leases as part of the 20.

Reuters believes that 13 of the 20 are firm. Those four previous deliveries appear to be part of the 13, but this is unclear. Airfinance Journal reported that seven of the 20 will be taken by Boeing Capital Corp and leased to AirBridge. If true, this adds about $1bn to the Boeing balance sheet for customer financing.

This detail is important because AirBridge is very possibly the last customer that will order the 747-8. Boeing said it now has a backlog to 2019, but because the Airbridge transaction remains murky at best, the details are equally murky.

Drilling down into details of the orders placed through July:

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