A view around the Paris Air Show

June 17, 2017, (c) Leeham Co.: It’s surprising that many hall and chalet exhibits are still in a state of construction as LNC walked around the Paris Air Show Saturday, but we’ve noted this before.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos:

Embraer has its new E195-E2 at the show, which it is advertising heavily as a “profit hunter.” This special paint job was applied by an EMB employee, not the usual paint shop.

Embraer E195-E2. Photo by Scott Hamilton.

When EMB officials received price quotes from shops, the cost was unusually high because of the detail. One of Embraer’s own employees said he was a painter and could do the job. It took a little back-and-forth for officials to understand that the employee, Clodoado Quintana, was a canvass painter, an artist.

He did the job, with help from another, in his off hours.

Then officials learned the employee had never even been on an airplane.

Officials fixed that: the employee is now in Paris, enjoying his own experience of a lifetime. Here’s the video.

No similar story to the E195-E2. Here’s an ATR-72 being towed. Photo by Scott Hamilton.

Boeing 737-9 with the 787-10 in the background. Photo by Scott Hamilton.

Embraer KC-390. Photo by Scott Hamilton.

Lockheed Martin CM100, the commercial version of the venerable C-130, hiding behind the Boeing 737-9. Photo by Scott Hamilton.

Bombardier Q400 in WestJet colors, such as they are. Photo by Scott Hamilton.

MRJ90 makes its air show debut, shown in launch customer ANA livery. The influence of the Boeing 787 is evident, and not surprising since maker Mitsubishi is a major industrial partner to Boeing on the 787. Photo by Scott Hamilton..



13 Comments on “A view around the Paris Air Show

  1. Hello Scott,

    Thanks for posting the interesting pictures. Is their any significance to the 167 painted on the nose of the 737 MAX or is it just some type of serial number?

    Embraer is clearly is the early leader for the best paint job award.

    • 167 ? Thats the extra length ( cm) of the Max 10 over the -9 . Its too obscure, they should have asked around the factory to see if someone is handy with an air sprayer !

  2. It always amazes me that PAC every time looks like they have never done it before. One example is the bus service from the train station, it takes them until Wed or Thurs to get it running smoothly.
    It sure takes away from the fun.

    • Yes a disgrace, been like that for at least 25 years. Luckily I’ll avoid it this time. Thanks for the preview Scott. I’ll tackle you when you wander around the halls..

  3. Isnt that the LM-100J for the commercial version of the Hercules ?
    This plane has had every prefix in the book in its many versions

    • Here’s. Nice side-profile close-up (2nd image). If you look under the wing at the join, it looks more like its a fake ‘3d’ visualization as opposed to a flyable model. Quiet a lot of bumps and pits underneath.

      I’m going to call it… An ‘AirBlade’… It’s crazy sharp eh!

      Looking forward to the reveal and info.

  4. Loved the Embraer, well done.

    Good to see the L100J back in the private world offering.

    note: better camera needed!

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