Boeing postpones public events for 777X roll-out

March 10, 2018, (c) Leeham News: Boeing today postponed the public ceremonies planned for Wednesday for the roll-out of the 777X, following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, a Boeing 737-8.

No date has been rescheduled.

China’s CAAC Sunday (their time) grounded the 737 MAX across the country. Further review will be held Monday (their time) to decide whether to extend the grounding or not.

Grand Cayman Airways, with two 737-8s, grounded its airplanes Sunday.

8 Comments on “Boeing postpones public events for 777X roll-out

  1. While I don’t believe the CAAC is of the highest standards, I do applaud their decision to protect public safety.

    It’s certainly important to investigate the cause of both the MAX accidents, but first information points to some suspicious similarities. I’d say, better be safe than sorry.

    Grounding or not. For me, if it’s a Boeing (MAX), I ain’t going.

    • T4DCY – …nor, presumably, when we are talking about pax and crew safety?

  2. I think that unless Boeing comes up with some answers quickly, some airlines may be forced to ground their MAXs.What if people start avoiding Ryanair and Southwest on the off chance of having to fly a MAX?
    If the authorities were to ground the plane, how hard would it be to unground it again?It would be fundamental and much harder than designing and certifying a stainless steel box.

  3. 777X roll out delay doesn’t worry any one I guess.

    Hope it will be a nice show 😀

  4. Disable MCAS with a warning on the stall area aspect and its done deal.

    Its possible this bug (feature) has killed 300+ peopel.

    If it ain’t working stop it.

    Planes seldom stall and if they do its a result of other out of control issues that make it part of not the cause of the crash.

    There is zero indication of terrorist, no wind sheer or weather, hit the pause button until you get some data to make an informed decision on.

    Unlike the recent 767 crash, this is a two fer even if not same cause.

    The 767 has a very long and good track record – you can assume the crash was a one off.

    MAX does not have a long and good record and enough indicators regardless to hit the pause.

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