NBA Single or Dual Aisle Airline preferences

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By Vincent Valery


Credit: Leeham News

May 10, 2021, © Leeham News: Boeing has been studying the launch of a clean-sheet design aircraft for at least a decade. Studies included a single-aisle design but favored a twin-aisle concept before the 737 MAX launch in 2011. As time went on, the twin-aisle concept morphed into a focus on 767-sized dual-aisle with the New Midmarket Airplane (NMA).

The combination of the 737 MAX crisis, Calhoun's arrival as CEO, and the COVID-19 pandemic led Boeing to shelve plans to launch the NMA in early 2020. However, the American OEM hasn’t stood idle despite sizable layoffs and R&D budget cuts.

LNA reported Boeing's renewed focus on dual-aisle design and production systems and studied the tradeoffs between a single- and dual-aisle. The NMA has morphed into the concept of a New Boeing Airplane (NBA).

A critical mass of airlines needs to be willing and able to buy a new aircraft to justify a launch. Most observers agree that Boeing needs to launch a new plane to address the weakening market share in the large single-aisle market. However, there isn't a consensus whether a single- or dual-aisle is the way to go.

LNA analyses in this article the design preferences of the airlines that could be interested in the NBA.

  • Dual-aisle preferences;
  • Different opinions about the required range;
  • Low-cost carrier preferences;
  • Lessor preferences.

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