And now a word on the tanker

Let’s take a diversion from Boeing’s Soap Opera over the 787 Line 2 and will-they-stay-or-will-they-go. CNBC has a long piece plus several video clips with Ralph Crosby, the CEO of EADS North America, on the KC-X tanker issue…. Read More

Why Boeing needs a second 787 Line Sooner than Later

Boeing needs a second production line for the 787. Some say Boeing needs to get the airplane flying before worrying about a second line. While there certainly is some truth to this, the two decisions aren’t mutually exclusive…. Read More

Boeing buys Vought 787 facilities

Update, 9:10 AM PDT: Innovation Analysis Group has a podcast with Jon Ostrower, who broke the news last week, about the likely purchase of Vought, and us. We look at the prospect of where Line 2 will be… Read More

Too soon to draw conclusions for 2010 funding

Here’s an item we wrote last week for for Commercial Aviation Online: Boeing Capital Corp. (BCC) isn’t worried about global customer funding availability in 2010, but a top official also says it’s too soon to be sanguine. Kostya Zolotusky,… Read More

Customers to watch on production trends

Here is a piece we did for Commercial Aviation Online: The debate continues whether production rates on the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 families should be reduced. Both manufacturers are in a tug-of-war with their supply chain over… Read More

Random Thoughts/Update, Good bye Line 2

Update, 9:20 AM: Flightblogger just posted this: Boeing to buy Vought, Line 2 to go there. This is step one in the allusion below to big news coming out of Boeing that affects Puget Sound. Original Post: ANA… Read More

787 Line 2 in Charleston: Aviation Week

Aviation Week reports that Boeing has selected North Charleston, SC, as the site for Line 2 for the 787, planning to build the 787-9 there. It’s all speculative if informed reporting. Update: Boeing called to say no decision… Read More

787 First Flight delay perspective

Update, June 25: In the myriad of stories about the new 787 delay is this nugget from an Australian reporter: “The 787-8 is currently around 7.5 tonnes overweight and showing a burn of around 4% more fuel than… Read More

Podcast: Paris Air Show, A Look Back

Addison Schonland, Richard Aboulafia and I did a podcast late yesterday, talking about the commercial orders at the Air Show, Airbus, Bombardier, the tanker program, UAVs and last but not least we took bets on whether the first… Read More

Launch aid for the A350

This is the seventh in a series of reports from the EADS media day and the Paris Air Show. It is becoming increasingly clear that Airbus is almost certain to tap launch aid from its member states (France,… Read More