So’s your old man

More mirthful back-and-forth between Boeing and EADS. Boeing today fired off a rebuttal ad to the EADS “Get Real” ad published right after it got back into the KC-X tanker competition. Boeing also posted this message on its… Read More

Airplane crossing

Get the story here.

Re-engine, new or do nothing?

A second aerospace analyst has weighed in with the opinion that Boeing is likely to choose a replacement for the 737 rather than a re-engine solution. Heidi Wood of Morgan Stanley published this note today, as Boeing’s investors’… Read More

Hoisted on own petard?

Update, May 19: With all the references in Comments about the GAO ruling, we are linking the 150+ page report here, courtesy of Sgt. Mac: GAO KC-X 2008 Protest Update, May 17, 4:30PM PDT: Reuters has this story… Read More

Why aren’t they talking about the airplane?

In the previous post, we talk about the WTO issue being pursued by Boeing and its supporters. In this post we ask, “Why aren’t they talking about their airplane?” This is about the strangest marketing campaign we’ve ever… Read More

Playing with fire

The renewed effort by Boeing and its supporters to focus on the WTO ruling against Airbus on illegal subsidies in the KC-X competition (see preceding post) is playing with fire. The hyperbole by Washington State’s Members of Congress… Read More

Boeing goes to Congress on KC-X

Update, May 13: DOD refuses to give award date Senators blast award process In case anybody wonders, the effort to force DOD to add $5bn (the amount found Airbus illegally benefited on the A330-200) to the KC-X contract… Read More

Airbus Innovation Days-Day 1/2

Day 2 summary after the jump. We’re at the Airbus Innovation Days and here are some highlights: Tom Williams, EVP Programmes, believes that a re-engined A320 family will eliminate the business case for the CSeries. The concern is… Read More

Embraer at crossroads: Aviation Week

Aviation Week has a good piece entitled “Embraer at Crossroads,” that discusses how the company evolved from nothingness to a major player in the industry. Faced with a threat from Bombardier’s CSeries and emerging competition from China and… Read More

Boeing leans toward new 737, not Re-Engine: analyst

Boeing is leaning toward a new airplane to replace the 737 rather than proceeding with a re-engining program, an aerospace analyst wrote in a report issued today. Richard Safran of the boutique Buckingham Research came away from Boeing… Read More