Analysis of A400M potential

Defense Procurement has this item looking at the possibilities of Airbus selling the A400M to other markets, including the USA.

Labor at Boeing and Airbus

The Everett Herald has a series of stories today about labor relations at Boeing and Airbus. The links are below. Note: The Herald’s website is one of the clunkiest in CyberUniverse, so don’t be surprised if it is… Read More

Boeing’s 737 ramp up shows confidence in economy, ‘skyline’ and the unions

The announcement last week that Boeing once again is planning to ramp up production of its venerable 737 line show confidence on a number of levels: The global economy continues to recover; The strength of the backlog, aka… Read More

KC-767 cost advantage over KC-45

Boeing has released the results of a study it commissioned on the life-cycle cost advantage of the KC-767 vs. the KC-45, this time using a firm we’ve actually heard of and greatly respect: AeroStrategy. AeroStrategy analyzed 10 scenarios,… Read More

‘You can’t kick ass without tanker gas’

Here is an interesting British perspective on aerial refueling tankers, via the UK’s Defense Management Journal.

Boeing signs US composites tooling deal

Boeing has signed a $53m deal with Aerospace Composites & Transparencies, the California-based division of Britain’s Hampson Industries. Aerospace Composites, which also has plants in Texas and Michigan, builds tooling for composites work. Although Hampson would not directly… Read More

787 stands down suppliers third time

Boeing has implemented its third, 30-day stand-down for its supply chain on the 787 program. Says Boeing: As we have previously indicated, when opportunities arise we distribute flow in our production system to make the most efficient use… Read More

Tanker update

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the KC-X tanker competition, which is coming to the forefront again with the issuance of the Interim Report on Boeing subsidies by the WTO. Flight International has this story citing… Read More

Boeing WTO report due today

Update, 6:45pm PDT: Dominic Gates of The Seattle Times updated his 12:45pm snippet eight minutes ago with far more detail, and as of this moment represents the most detailed news report we’ve seen. As before, both sides are… Read More

777-300ER, 737-800 top Airfinance Journal poll; A330, A320 close behind

Boeing’s 777-300ER once again topped the poll by aviation financial trade magazine Airfinance Journal, which has been doing the polling for as long as we can remember. On a scale of 0-5, the 777 ranked 4.2, followed closely… Read More