737 production rate hike, PW’s GTF, Airbus’ A320 NEO

We talk about the prospect of a production rate hike at AirInsight this morning.

  • Here’s a story from Flight Global taking a detailed, focused look at the Pratt & Whitney P1000G Geared Turbo Fan, which will power the Bombardier CSeries, Irkut MC-21 and Mitsubishi MRJ; and will likely be chosen by Airbus to power the A320 family New Engine Option.
  • Speaking of the A320 NEO, look for an announcement on September 30 or shortly thereafter giving the green light for this program.
  • Embraer is also considering whether to reengine its E-Jet series with the GTF.
  • Flight International has  this detailed report on the Bombardier CSeries to be the first airplane to have telemetry for the black box flight data recorder.

6 Comments on “737 production rate hike, PW’s GTF, Airbus’ A320 NEO

  1. the flightglobal link about the engines is incorrect and leads to a “page not found”

    30 sept is earlier then I expected, looking forward to it

  2. Have you seen the wording of the RR patent action currently underway in the US it calls for an injunction on PW implying that they are using RR technology on engines in development, this engine is presumably the GTF.

    If true doesn’t this add significant risk to the A320NEO project (and C Series).

  3. Ha ha, I gave you guys a heads up but you fumbled the ball!

    “Rolls-Royce in late August filed a complaint alleging infringement by United Technologies (UTC) of the patent for the Rolls-Royce swept fan blade–the same design, claims Rolls, that UTC subsidiary Pratt & Whitney used in its PW1000G PurePower geared turbofan for the Bombardier C Series and Mitsubishi MRJ. The complaint specifically identifies the fan stages on both the PW1000G and Engine Alliance GP7200 engine and alleges that a number of other UTC civil engines infringe on the Rolls-Royce patent. In a statement released last month, Rolls-Royce said it seeks unspecified damages and injunctions.

    The UK company said it expects a jury to hear the case in the first half of next year in the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.”


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