Odds and ends: More on DC-7B trip

Here are some more photos from our DC-7B trip. All photos by Scott Hamilton.


This PBY Catalina, a derelict but intact condition, is at the San Juan Airport. Given the loss of a PBY several years ago in a landing accident, could this become a new, restored edition?


Aft lounge

The aft lounge of the Eastern Airlines DC-7B, with original seats and configuration.


St Maarten 1
A reader on our initial post asked if St. Maarten was where airplanes landed 100 ft over the beach. This is indeed where we were but this doesn’t look like it’s 100 ft.


DC7 taking off

The Historical Flight Foundation arranged a short photo hop, taking off downwind at St. Maarten then landing normally. The landing photo is in our original post. Here’s the take-off. All but four or five of our group elected to take the profile shot. We four or five elected to take nose-on take-off and landing shots.


DC7 landing St Maarten

The Eastern DC-7B landing at St. Maarten. Does this look like 100 ft?


DC7B at 9000 ft

DC-7B at 9,000 ft, flying through the clouds. A much different view than the 30,000+ ft flight levels we’re all used to.


Pre-Paris Air Show

Aviation Week has this Paris Air Show preview.

Airbus and WTO next steps

Reuters has this story about the next steps on the WTO case.

Looking at merging competitors

An analyst on Seeking Alpha takes a look at future market shares of six airframe OEMs. This is similar to a study AirInsight did in 2009; the new look takes into account the recent production rate increases announced by Airbus and Boeing.

Settling conspiracy theories

No matter what, there are always some conspiracies that spring up. Military.com obtained this exclusive footage providing conclusively that the US captured the world’s most wanted terrorist and that he was buried at sea.

3 Comments on “Odds and ends: More on DC-7B trip

  1. The world needs more flight worthy PBY’s (Or even PBY lookalikes) A truly romantic-era of flight design.

  2. If one can say the DC3 was the workhorse in Europe during WWII, then the PBY was its counterpart in the South Pacific. It is a sad to see such a proud and revered aircraft just setting and rotting away. I hope someone like the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola can go get it and bring it home so future generations can enjoy its beautiful lines and great design, a true unsung hero of a very nasty War.

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