More analysis on 787 accounting block, break-even

Update: Javier has answered (or responded to, depending on your viewpoint) many of our reader comments here. Original Post: A blog of which we were previously unaware came to our attention late last week that has the best,… Read More

Odds and Ends: Qatar, Cargolux and GE

For those who don’t believe there was a connection between the Cargolux-Boeing-GE dispute and the 787 and Qatar, watch the Dubai Air Show. We’re hearing Qatar will sign announce it has selected GEnx for the 787. Speaking of… Read More

Boeing sets 787 accounting block at 1,100; earnings call summary

Update, from 7:30 am-the Earnings Call: Jim McNerney (JM): Passenger traffic remains resilient, but cargo traffic weakening and needs watching. Interest in 737 MAX remains high, still working with customers [to define product]. We’re monitoring European debt crisis… Read More

“Optimizing” bad news

You have to hand it to the public relations staff for some real chutzpah. Air Berlin has been struggling for years, over-ordering aircraft and canceling some of them (Boeing 787s among them). Today the airline deferred Airbus and… Read More

Where will MAX be built?

Crosscut Seattle, an on-line only news outlet (and one we consider to be quite good) does occasional in-depth think pieces. Today it has one about the burning question to Washington State: where will the Boeing 737 MAX be… Read More

747-8 engineer nominated for top honors

Dominic Gates of The Seattle Times has this piece that describes the honor Boeing engineer Pio Fitzgerald has been nominated for at the Dubai Air Show for his design fixing the flutter problem on the Boeing 747-8 that… Read More

4.6 earthquake in possible 737 MAX site

San Antonio (TX), a potential assembly site for the 737 MAX, was hit yesterday with a 4.6 earthquake. The city is also the location for 787 finishing work. Readers will recall that on the second quarter earnings call,… Read More

A hint of things to come–Lufthansa 787 order?

Lufthansa Technik “is set to become a leading 787 MRO” following a deal with JAL, blares a headline in AviTrader’s current issue of MRO magazine. The magazine writes: Lufthansa Technik will become one of the world’s leading 787… Read More

Airbus chief bemoans slow pace of change: Aviation Week

Robert Wall has this short article that raises an interesting point. Tom Enders, the CEO of Airbus, “bemoans” the slow pace of change in aviation. He is quoted as saying that the aviation industry has forgotten how to… Read More

Obama proposes $100 per flight fee and Southwest Airlines objects

No kidding. This article speaks for itself. This is one of the dumbest things to come out of the Administration yet. The airlines are already over-taxed, more so than so-called “sin taxes” levied on tobacco and alcohol. The… Read More