Paris Air Show news begins from Sunday; some details on EMB revamp emerge

The Paris Air Show doesn’t start until tomorrow, but news is already being made. A sampling:


Airbus battles for supremacy in twin-aisle sector

Hundreds of orders seen this week

Airbus seen pulling ahead in easyJet race


787 issues just a spot of turbulence

China set to become world’s third aircraft maker

GE pushes envelope with GE9X for 777X

Unrelated to the show: SC ponies up even more money. Washington State needs to do something to remain competitive. Washington has this presence at the Air Show.


Size matters, in reverse

First flight prep and FTV 2 progress

Expectations at the air show


Revamped E-Jet launch at the air show

14 Comments on “Paris Air Show news begins from Sunday; some details on EMB revamp emerge

  1. After seeing the artists impression of the new Embraers E2 of G as they were called, many (incl. me) thought growth was in the wings. The bigger E-jets now offer full competition against the CS100 and A319 on shorter (<4 hour) flights, but also longer flights (bigger wingtanks, more efficient engines) .

  2. Boeing to launch 787-10 with $30 billion order haul

    The decision to go ahead and build a new version, backed by up to 100 orders spread between five or six launch customers, is expected to be announced on Tuesday at the Paris Airshow. Some orders may be converted from existing demand for smaller jets.

    Singapore, United,… ?

    If some 787-10 orders are converted from earlier models, that could create some air & get rid of some overly cheap sold early slots.

  3. “U-Turn A” stated he didn’t want to be a launch customer for the theory he might not receive the -10 until a number of them have been built and flying…maybe that’s what he meant. Regardless, for all his yapping, I’m sure Boeing doesn’t have a problem doing business with him. 🙂

  4. I do not see LH ordering 787-10X ; they will order the 350-900 in spite of complaining about the range driven ,higher weight variants -driven by the so called Mid east carriers. To keep Air bus honest, they will do small buys – like 777 300 ER for Swiss subsidiary et al .After all they have continued to use the 340 series in spite of alternatives .
    This is not a criticism of LH ,it is technically the best airline in the world ; but when things are pretty close, they would go for Airbus.

  5. No one places orders at airshows. It takes weeks sometimes months to finalize a contract for a batch of new airliners. Then the customer and the manufacturer hold the announcement so as to make the maximum impact, at Paris or Farnborough for instance.

    An extreme example of keeping an order unannounced used to be Air France back when they were buying new 747-200’s. The order would be announced on the day of delivery. Don’t know why.

    • Not true. Many airlines sign the final firm contract at the airshow. These aren’t all just MoUs waiting for some lawyer to “get ’round to it”.

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