DXB13 Day 3: Bombardier, Boeing, Airbus announce small orders

Bombardier, Boeing and Airbus each snared some orders at Day 3 of the Dubai Air Show:


  • A Letter of Intent from Iraqi Airways for 5+11 CS300s;
  • Abu Dhabi Aviation ordered two Q400ss; and
  • Nok Air of Thailand announced orders, options and purchase rights for 2+2+4 Q400s.

Boeing nabbed an order from TUI Travel for two 787s. Turkish Airlines firmed options for three 777-300ERs.

Airbus announced that Air Serbia ordered 10 A320s and Air Algerie signed an MOU for three A330-200s.

Other headlines from the show:

Airbus considers boosting A320 production

Engine Alliance ponders A380 engine improvements

Bombardier launches high density Q400

Watch out, US airlines, the Arabs are coming

Emirates to compete engine supplier for 50 A380s

9 Comments on “DXB13 Day 3: Bombardier, Boeing, Airbus announce small orders

    • Are these the 10 A320 NEOs that Etihad ordered, then, and Etihad itself will take the 26 A321 NEOs?

  1. Watch out world the Arabs are coming!!!! Not just the US but everywhere else there is an airline. ALPA are saying that the Arabs airlines are getting an unfair advantage in buying aircraft and they want legislation to curb these guys access to cheap money. So, let me get this straight, one union is asking that another union be kicked in the mouth and those jobs need to be eliminated because the ALPA are worred about THEIR jobs? If you r wages are too high, and you can’t provide a product customers want, there is no reason for you to be in business. Government should not protect any job or any industry. Now if the industry exists because of national interest that’s different, but just to provide protection for a group of union employees, sorry.

  2. It has been necessary a strong kick, from Airbus A380 large customer,Tim Clark Emirates, to move the motorists and I hope Airbus, toward a more modern motorisation of this doble decker, what a shame !
    Emirates is Asking for no more than 10 % Holé !
    Thank you Tim Clark, and Emirates for the help and … the very well placed Kick !

  3. RE: Emirates to compete engine supplier for 50 A380s

    Clark is right of course. GE9X, Trent XWB based engines are possible. E.g. RR will likely return to carbon/ Ti blades after nearly 40 yrs.

  4. The funniest part is the Leahy is accusing other airlines of being “risk adverse” by not buyin the A380 (and that too many airlines don’t get carried away and thats why they go bust). And I thought it was getting too carried away.

    He also insults them by saying they put too much stuff in the A380 when in fact they baloned across the skies that it was a flying Cruise Ship. Hmmmm.

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