Turboprops’ future is OK but not great as ATR corners market

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Jan. 5, 2015: Conventional wisdom suggests that turboprops are making a bit of a comeback because these remain far more efficient for routes up to 400 miles than jets, particularly at high fuel prices.

Even though oil prices have plunged to a seven year low, few expect that long-term prices will remain at today’s levels. While fuel between $50-$60bbl breathes new life into aging regional jets, there remains efforts in several corners to develop a new generation of turboprops.

  • Summary
    ATR wants to launch a new, 90-100 seat turboprop.
  • Bombardier launched a high-density, 86, seat version of its Q400 but appears cool to a new design.
  • China offers its indigenously built turboprop.
  • India and Indonesia are exploring a new design.
  • Pratt & Whitney, GE, others are developing the next generation engine.

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