Boeing’s 767 revitalized as a MOM stop gap, Part 2

By Bjorn Fehrm

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Aug. 31 2015, ©. Leeham Co: Last week we started to look at Boeing’s 767 to see if it can serve the passenger and range space which is not well covered by modern aircraft: the 225 passenger/5,000nm sector. Boeing calls this the Middle of the Market or MOM. Boeing recently said that there is some increased interest for the 767. We analyze why and what can be done to increase any chances of it having a new life as a passenger aircraft.

We started with comparing the 767’s different variants to the most likely MOM aircraft from our series “Redefining the 757 replacement requirement for the 225/5000-sector”. We will now continue and look at the 767 in detail, its strong suits and its less efficient areas. We will also discuss what can be made to address the less efficient areas.


  • Boeing’s 767 has the right cross section for passenger transportation in the 225 passenger/5,000nm segment.
  • It also carries cargo containers, not as efficiently this time. We show what the consequences are.
  • Finally the wing is not the slender wing of the modern aircraft. We show what impact it will have on overall efficiency.
  • Combined with engines from the 1990s, this gives less than stellar fuel economics. We investigate what can be done about this and how much of an impact it will have in today’s low fuel prices.

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