KKR invests $1bn in small lessor

Jan. 3, 2019, © Leeham News: The US private equity fund KKR agreed to invest $1bn in boutique lessor Altavair, a deal that includes taking a 50% stake in the company.

KKR may supplement the investment with additional commitments, the companies said.

The initial aircraft investment will be six Boeing 777-200LRFs. The aircraft are being acquired from a Middle Eastern airline and will be leased to other carriers.

Altavair has a portfolio of 53 aircraft before this latest acquisition. It’s a mix of single- and twin-aisle aircraft, passenger and cargo airplanes.

Delta, Condor and Qatar airlines are its biggest customers by airplane count.

Altavair, which was founded in 2003 as Guggenheim Aviation, a subsidiary of the Guggenheim funds, is headquartered in Issaquah (WA).

KKR was founded in 1976.


8 Comments on “KKR invests $1bn in small lessor

    • According to Wikipedia (I know) Etihad only has 4 777F.
      Qatar and Emirates have more. I am aware Etihad is more likely to sell off planes.

      “The aircraft are being acquired from a Middle Eastern airline”
      Why the cryptic description?

      • Wiki said 6 777Fs earlier today!

        Also, I agree, not sure why it was cryptic on mentioning where the aircraft were coming from and why, particularly given the fact its not common knowledge Etihad is entirely getting rid of dedicated freighters.

      • Correction. According to the Etihad Wikipedia page it has 6 777F.
        I took the amount (4) from the “list of 777 operators” Wikipedia page.

  1. And off topic, China landed on the backside of the moon.

    Quite an accomplishment with the com satellite to get data to earth.

    The moon in my opinion is not a real goal, maybe some day, but the real understanding is out at Ultima Thule and Pluto (both amazing) and the various missions to go places we have not been.

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