Restoring capacity with the A330ceo or A330neo, Part 2

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By Bjorn Fehrm


June 25, 2020, © Leeham News: Last week, we started looking at the Airbus A330-200 market and whether to hold on to one's A330-200 or restoring capacity after the COVID-19 shut-down with the newer A330-800.

We looked at the history of the A330-200, the reasons it sold 642 units to date, and why the sequel, the A330-800, is not selling well.

We dig deeper into the replacement question today. In a post-pandemic world, is holding on to or even leasing an A330-200 for long-range operations the better alternative, or should we take delivery of a new A330-800?

  • The A330-200 was Airbus' best aircraft for long and thin routes.
  • As the A330-300 and later A330-900 grew its range, the A330-200 and A330-800 market shrunk.
  • For long and thin routes, is keeping/leasing an A330-200 or taking delivery of an A330-800 the better alternative?

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