Boeing B-29 “Doc” visits Seattle May 17-22

By Scott Hamilton May 17, 2022, (c) Leeham News: A Boeing B-29 bomber, made famous in World War II, is here in Seattle May 17-22. Ground tours will be May 19-22. Rides will be the mornings of May… Read More

An alternative air show

The Farnborough Air Show got all the headlines this month, but we went to a small air show in Everett (WA), right at Paine Field, where Boeing dominates. The Historic Flight Foundation is the brainchild of John Sessions,… Read More

No more moonshots stifles innovation

Boeing CEO said there will be no more “moonshots” at Boeing when it comes to future airplane development. Airbus says it will focus on derivatives rather than new airplanes. After the program debacles of the Airbus A400M and… Read More

Odds and Ends: Airbus to rethink A380 strategy, says Reuters; Boeing B-29

A380 Strategy: Airbus may rethink the near-term strategy of the A380, with an eye toward reducing production rates, reports Reuters. Earlier this week, Boeing announced a rate reduction for the 747-8. Very Large Aircraft (VLA) continue to be… Read More