Bjorn’s Corner: Largest navigation change since radar

June 15, 2018, ©. Leeham News: The worldwide aviation is heading for its largest navigation change since VOR and Radar was introduced after the Second World War. When scheduled airline traffic started in the late 1920s, navigation was… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner: When it gets tough, use PBN

1 July 2016, ©. Leeham Co: Over several Corners we have described how the introduction of ADS-B and GPS will revolutionize air navigation and the ease with which bad weather take-off and landing procedures can be defined, with minimal… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner: Transponders, the kingpin of safe air navigation

May 19, 2016, ©. Leeham Co: In my recent Corners, I have been describing how a modern airliner navigates using a Flight Management System, (FMS or Computer, FMC) to navigate along the flight plan and how it finally… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner: Landing after navigation, Part 2

13 May 2016, © Leeham Co: Last week we started to describe what is necessary to make a precision approach after a flight. We described the rather elaborate installations needed for the classical precision approach with an ILS system. It… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner: Landing after navigation

6 May 2016, ©. Leeham Co: In a recent Corner, we covered how to navigate a modern airliner with the help of the Flight Management System (FMS). We described how the FMS uses different navigation receivers to fly the… Read More