American Airlines order after-thoughts

It will take a while to absorb all the information that’s been released on the massive AA deal with Airbus and Boeing, and to learn data yet to come, but here are some initial thoughts:

American press conference on huge order

Running comments from the American Airlines press conference: Tom Horton Today is a transformational day for American. American’s order presentation, 19 page PDF: AMR Aircraft With this plan we are jumping to the front of the line and… Read More

American orders: Airbus, 260; Boeing, 200

American Airlines this morning announced its blockbusting order that has been the subject of international intrigue since the Paris Air Show. The order is comprised of: 260 A320 family airplanes from Airbus plus 365, with conversions rights within… Read More

American’s order, as we see it

Note: It’s impossible to keep up with the changing and leaking information. Just do a Google News search for the latest. The situation today remains fluid and often contradictory. News stories, and our own information, agree that a… Read More

American to announce big order Wednesday

Flightblogger confirms American will announce a big single-aisle order Wednesday. We understand it will be a split between Airbus and Boeing. We think we have a basic understanding of the broad details but not yet solid enough to… Read More

737RE in 2017, NSA in 2021

In the rapidly changing situation at Boeing over the future of the 737 class of aircraft, it appears almost certain that Boeing will move forward with a re-engine of the 737 and follow it with the New Small… Read More

Boeing earnings call may clarify 737RE

Things are moving very rapidly in the American Airlines competition, with the situation changing since Friday. Updates since the article below was published yesterday in Commercial Aviation Online: It appears Boeing will clarify (and this time, really) the… Read More

Boeing’s American dilemma

Bloomberg has this story about the competition. Wall Street Journal has this story. Here is a story we did for Commercial Aviation Online on the American Airlines aircraft order situation. Date: 18/07/2011 10:37 Source: Commercial Aviation Online Location:… Read More

787 deliveries for 2011 shrinking

Boeing is likely to deliver only a handful of 787s this year instead of the 12-20 forecast on the year-end and first quarter earnings calls, say sources with direct knowledge of the situation. Deliveries could be as few… Read More

How many 747-8s will be delivered this year?