McGraw out as Boeing tanker chief

It’s buried in this Bloomberg story and there’s little meaningful reported about why, but Mark McGraw is out as the head of Boeing’s tanker program. The story headlines the prospect that Boeing may protest proposed changes to the… Read More

GE, CFMI commit to new engine

London, England: GE Aviation, CFM International and Safran, all partners in the CFM group that makes the CFM56 engine that’s on the Boeing 737-300 through 900 and about half of the Airbus A320 family and some A340 models,… Read More

EADS Media Day

We attended the EADS Media Day that is held in advance of the two major air shows, Paris and Farnborough. Some highlights: EADS CEO Louis Gallois said EADS, one year after implementation of the Power8 restructuring program began,… Read More

New Boeing project

On a lighter note–we all thought the next Boeing product would be an airplane. Instead, it’s a blimp: Meet the new Boeing “797.”

Tanker recompete, decision by January

Ahead of the afternoon (EDT) press conference by the Department of Defense, Tanker War Blog is reporting that it appears DOD is going to have “an expedited” recompete. Live Internet streaming coverage of the DOD press conference at… Read More

High fuel costs impact super long-haul flights

The Wall Street Journal Tuesday (July 8th) had an interesting piece about how the current high cost of fuel is adversely impacting the super long-haul flights. The article raises questions about the viability of 15-18 hour flights in… Read More

Airbus, Boeing virtually tied in YTD orders

Airbus and Boeing are virtually tied in year-to-date net orders, a position that is likely to change with next week’s Farnborough Air Show when both manufacturers may announce stronger-than-expected orders. Through June 30, Airbus reported 487 net orders… Read More

Murray shut down on Northrop jobs probe

US Sen Patty Murray (D-WA), the most vocal critic of the USAF contract award to Northrop Grumman for the KC-45A, struck out in her request to have the US Commerce Department shoot down the Northrop claims of 48,000… Read More

Podcast Preview of Farnborough

Here is a 16 minute podcast with a preview of the Farnborough Air Show, which begins Monday.

Tanker media campaign continues

The media campaign on both sides of the tanker debate continues as the US House of Representatives gears up to hold some hearings on the issue. This item published in American Spectator is another in a series of… Read More