EADS surpasses Boeing

EADS, parent of Airbus, surpassed Boeing last year as the world’s largest aerospace company. With revenues suppressed by the 57 day IAM strike, Boeing slipped to number 2 in a study of 67 companies by Deloitte. If the… Read More

Nominated for Aerospace Journalist of the Year-2009 Awards

We were notified that we have been nominated for a Journalist of the Year Award for a 2008 piece we did for Aviation and the Environment magazine. The piece, Suddenly it’s very crowded out there, is about the… Read More

A320 v 737

We’re back from two days at Airbus for its Innovation Days presentations, and the timing couldn’t have worked out better. Less than two weeks before we attended Boeing’s 737 enhancements day, followed by the 787 update day. Both… Read More

Enders on “internationalization”

Tom Enders, the CEO of Airbus, vowed to continue “internationalization” of its production while protecting intellectual property rights and avoiding Boeing’s mistakes with the 787 program. Speaking to a small group of the 90 journalists attending the Airbus… Read More

Airbus sees recovery in 2010

Airbus officials see a recovery in the global economy and passenger traffic next year, they said this week at the Airbus Innovation Days in Hamburg. We were among about 90 journalists to attend the event, formerly known as… Read More

Eco-Aviation Conference May 26

Air Transport World and Leeham Co. have organized the second USA Eco-Aviation Conference in Washington DC. More information may be found here.

Boeing production cut?

FlightGlobal reported yesterday (May 7) that supplier GKN’s CEO predicted Boeing will cut production next year of the 737 to 21 a month. This would be 32%, roughly in line with a forecast made in January by Steven… Read More

25 more 787s canceled

Boeing’s weekly orders update shows another 25 787s have been canceled, bringing the total net cancellations for this aircraft to 57 so far this year. The latest customer is not identified. Update, May 8: Our colleagues at FlightGlobal… Read More

Moving toward 787 first flight

A bit of a controversy arose this week when Bernstein Research published a report following the media briefing on the 787 program in which Bernstein predicted a delay for entry-into-service (EIS) from 1Q10 to 2Q10; a six month… Read More

‘Office Pool’ on 787 first flight

Well, not really an office pool. Internet gambling is illegal in Washington State (another example of misplaced priorities, but we won’t start up again). So we’ll just do a poll.