Suppliers chafe at Boeing’s demand for costly certifications

Subscription Required Introduction By Dan Catchpole  danieljcatchpole(at)gmail(dot)com September 3, 2018, © Leeham News: Boeing’s insistence that more and more subcontractors meet stringent aerospace manufacturing standards risks adding cost and reducing flexibility to the supply chain, several direct and… Read More

Oil doubles, it’s good for Airbus and Boeing

The price of oil has doubled off its low of only a few months ago, closing Friday (May 23) at around $61bbl. This is actually good news for Airbus and Boeing (and Bombardier and Embraer) as these companies… Read More

Boeing production cut?

FlightGlobal reported yesterday (May 7) that supplier GKN’s CEO predicted Boeing will cut production next year of the 737 to 21 a month. This would be 32%, roughly in line with a forecast made in January by Steven… Read More

Assessing production cuts

The big question being asked by just about everyone with an interest in aviation these days is what are Airbus and Boeing planning for production rates this year and next. Jobs are at stake in an economic environment… Read More