ISTAT Day 1: There is uncertainty

Feb. 29, 2016 (c) Leeham Co.: “The world is changing very dramatically,” says Adam Pilarski, the economist for the consulting firm Avitas. We’re at the 2016 ISTAT AGM in Phoenix and will be reporting today and tomorrow on presentations… Read More

Boeing tries to tamp down oil price fall concerns

Boeing’s Investor Relations department in Chicago sent a message to aerospace analysts to tamp down concerns about falling oil prices and questions over the impact on airplane orders. Its message is:

Oil doubles, it’s good for Airbus and Boeing

The price of oil has doubled off its low of only a few months ago, closing Friday (May 23) at around $61bbl. This is actually good news for Airbus and Boeing (and Bombardier and Embraer) as these companies… Read More