Airbus, Boeing nearing re-engining decision

Reuters has this report saying Airbus and Boeing will decide, probably next year, whether to re-engine the A320 and 737 families.

The AirInsight team of The Arvai Group, Innovation Analysis Group and Leeham Co., published the report below earlier this month that decisively predicted this will happen. The report may be purchased here.

5 Comments on “Airbus, Boeing nearing re-engining decision

  1. There is so much on Boeing’s plate right now with the 787, 747, Charleston and possibly the Tanker.

    Do they have the resources to reengine the 737 which would require redesign of the plane.

    • There is no third option. It is reengine or re”new”.

      On the Airbus side my guess is they will additionally “backport” improvements tested on the A318/A380 to the complete A320 family.

      I seem to remember an Airbus linked study finding that a new CFRP based single-aisle type would provide insignificant gains over current models.

      • The efficiency will come not from the materials but from engine and aerodynamics. In fact I would not be surprised if the A30X will be made out of Al alloys rather than the composite. However, I cannot see the new A30X before 2020-2024. Therefore the re engined A32X is an inevitability. The same goes for Boeing. Both need to close the business case but if they have a 2013-2020 window over which to amortize the costs then it is possible. The big problems they will face will be shortened development time and fast ramp up to keep the cash coming from the narrow body programmes. Big challenges ahead.

      • Personally I think that both companies’ biggest challenge in the future is to re-learn how to design and produce aircraft. I think they have both lost that ability.

  2. “…both lost that ability.”

    Airbus had a run in with cocky management types.
    ( forex Mehdorn’s “after airbus” coup was the maiming of Deutsche Bahn as preparation for going public, we are currently not sure DB will survive the experience 😉
    A380s are currently stacking up at XFW due to issues with airline selected interiors ( seating selected by LH had to be scrapped ?)
    A350XWB progress and issues predictions are templated on the Dreamliner experience, which may not be all that fair and fitting a comparison.

    The A400M delays are partly political in nature ( engine selection ) . What I don’t really understand
    is how the spanish CASA A400M project lead was able to fend off EADS/Airbus controlling influence for so long. Same with the “so sorry” issue with FADEC software done to wrong or ignored certification specs.
    I would not be too surprised if there is a teeny bit of sabotage involved. Same with euro media bashing Airbus for similar issues they laud Boeing for.

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